Friday, June 24, 2016

Gotham Season 2 Knock Knock...

Having kidnapped Mayor James (Richard Kind) and locked him with a metal box, Galavan (James Frain) makes him call his secretary and tell her that he ran away.

Meanwhile, in the rooftops of the editorial Gotham Gazette building, Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) and many other group members kill a number of people and drop them from the rooftop so their corpses can form the word of their group: "Maniax!". In the GCPD, Commissioner Essen (Zabryna Guevara) gives orders to arrest the Maniax with Gordon (Ben McKenzie) leading the investigation. In Wayne Manor, Bruce (David Mazouz) decides to turn on the computer so he can know his father's secret. When the computer seems to work, Alfred (Sean Pertwee) smashes the computer, claiming he wouldn't want him to know about his father being a killer. Angered, Bruce fires him. Tensions begin to arise between Jerome and Robert Greenwood (Dustin Ybarra) about the leadership of The Maniax.

Gordon tries to get Bullock (Donal Logue) back into the GCPD but his fiancee Scottie (Maria Thayer) is against his wishes as she fears for his life. The Maniax hijack a bus filled with cheerleaders, planning to burn it down. The police arrives and when Jerome escapes, Dobkins (Will Brill) turns on the fire but Gordon manages to drive the bus away from the fire. He then arrests Dobkins and upon questioning him about who hired them, Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) kills Dobkins with a rifle in distance. Bruce finds Alfred in a station, telling him he regrets what happened and re-hires him when he intends on training him, but making him fix the computer. Alfred then asks Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) to fix the computer.

 In the GCPD, Gordon receives a call from Barbara (Erin Richards), who turns out to be in the building. Gordon follows her to an alley but is attacked by Helzinger (Stink Fisher) and is then taunted by Barbara about something happening in the GCPD. In the GCPD, the Maniax arrive dressed as cops and spread a massacre, killing nearly everyone in the building. Lee (Morena Baccarin) survives by hiding in her lab while Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) saves Kringle (Chelsea Spack) from a gunshot.

 Jerome begins taunting Essen while tied up, killing Greenwood for saying his lines. Gordon returns to the GCPD and discovers the massacre. He then finds Essen bleeding and stays with her when she dies. Bruce visits Gordon in the GCPD, wanting to make sure he's okay. Bullock decides to return to the GCPD despite his fiancee's warning. The episode ends when Gordon and Bullock watch a videotape showing Jerome moments before fleeing the building, stating "they have not seen anything yet".

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