Friday, June 24, 2016


Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie), Bullock (Donal Logue) and police officers arrive at Arkham Asylum with a warrant to inspect Professor Strange's (B. D. Wong) office. But Strange is one step ahead of them as he shredded all documents. Meanwhile, Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) is disturbed after discovering the Indian Hill labs and decides that he needs to escape. Azrael (James Frain) arrives at a church and asks the priest for a new sword, but when the priest tells him he has none, Azrael kills him.

 With Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) still in hospital, Bullock is declared de facto captain. Bruce (David Mazouz) decides to go with Selina (Camren Bicondova) to find a way to enter Arkham. Selina accepts as she realizes that her friend Bridgit may still be alive in Arkham but states that she will go alone. Gordon and Bullock visit Butch's (Drew Powell) mansion to talk with Tabitha (Jessica Lucas). Tabitha states that the sword Azrael used was fake and so, he will get the real one. The real sword lies on her grandfather's tomb. They arrive at the Gotham cemetery where they retrieve the sword. Azrael arrives and attacks them, locking the cemetery while Gordon is outside. Tabitha tries to reason with Azrael, which causes him to remember everything, including that he has to kill Bruce Wayne. Azrael thanks her and then stabs her. Gordon is able to get a police car and warns Alfred (Sean Pertwee) about Galavan while Bruce returns to Wayne Manor.

 While Butch visits Tabitha in the hospital, Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) arrives and proposes to him that they unite to kill Azrael in revenge for Cobblepot's mother's death and Tabitha's health state. Selina infiltrates Arkham through the air ducts, where she runs into Nygma, who is trying to escape. He tells her how to get to Indian Hill so she can show him how to escape. Selina discovers the elevator that leads her to Indian Hill and overhears a conversation between Strange and Peabody (Tonya Pinkins) about Azrael. Azrael arrives at Wayne Manor and attacks Alfred. Bruce manages to knock Azrael down with a car, but he gets back up and prepares to kill Bruce. Before he can, Gordon arrives and shoots Azrael many times to no avail. When Azrael is about to kill Bruce, Gordon, and Alfred, Cobblepot arrives with Butch, who launches a RPG that subsequently kills Azrael.

 Nygma manages to escape Arkham Asylum through an air duct, but he is discovered by a guard and returned to Arkham. Selina discovers a training room where she finds burned dead bodies. Bridgit (Michelle Veintimilla) arrives in a new suit and flamethrower, revealing that she suffers from amnesia and that Strange sends her test subjects. Selina fails to reason with her and attempts to escape the room, which she discovers is locked. Bridgit is not phased by Selina's attempts to remind her of her life, stating her name is "Firefly". Bridgit then fires the flamethrower towards Selina while Strange and Peabody watch. Post Article Content:

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