Friday, June 24, 2016

Gotham's Prisoners

Weeks after the previous episode, Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is adjusting to life in Blackgate Penitentiary after being framed by Nygma (Cory Michael Smith), following the same routine all day. Warden Carlson Grey (Ned Bellamy) announces to Gordon that he will be transferred to a new section, dubbed "the World's End", from the prison with no police custody to protect him. Many of the criminals Gordon arrested are sent there, part of a plan of Warden Grey to kill Gordon. He's constantly aided by guard Wilson Bishop (Marc Damon Johnson). During a visit from Bullock (Donal Logue), Gordon is told that Lee (Morena Baccarin) has lost their baby and laid low. Gordon is further attacked by inmates led by Henry Weaver (Christian Frazier) while defended by convict Peter "Puck" Davies (Peter Mark Kendall). Weaver then has his henchmen beat Puck and sent to the infirmary.

 In a desperate attempt to save Gordon, Bullock meets with Carmine Falcone (John Doman). During a projection in the penitentiary, Gordon is stabbed multiple times by Weaver and is pronounced dead. Aided by Bishop and Bullock, Gordon plans his getaway. He returns to retrieve Puck, when he's confronted by Grey but is knocked unconscious by Bishop. Meanwhile, Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) continues adapting to his new lifestyle with his father (Paul Reubens). During a night, Cobblepot reveals to Dahl about his criminal activities but Dahl seems understanding and explains he forgives him. It's revealed that Grace (Melinda Clarke) has been avoiding giving Dahl his heart defect drugs. The next day, Grace tells Dahl about Cobblepot called "the Penguin", but he doesn't change his mind. Sasha (Kaley Ronayne) then tries to seduce Cobblepot, but he rejects her advances. Dahl collapses in his house and is told by the doctor that his heart defect is infected and given little time to live.

Upset that Cobblepot may receive what they perceive to be "their" inheritance, Grace, Sasha and Charles (Justin Mark) poison a drink for Cobblepot to ingest. Later, after Dahl states his intention to change his will in Cobblepot's favor, he drinks from the bottle and dies in Cobblepot's arms, reminiscent of his mother's death. Grace is shocked when she discovers Dahl accidentally drank from the bottle. Bullock, Gordon and Puck reunite with Falcone in a bridge where Gordon is given a safe house in Gotham so he can clear his name and find Lee. However, Puck dies from his bloodletting, much to Gordon's shock.

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