Saturday, June 27, 2015

Joker and Dr. Fries will be leading antagonists in Gotham Season 2

Gotham season 2 will air this coming fall.  According to the series writer Bruno Heller, Joker and Dr. Fries will start off the new season in September. Cameron Monaghan the actor behind "Jerome" who was introduced in season 1 will appear again in September. Jerome, who later becomes the Joker in later episodes is the young circus roadie who kills his own mother in episode 16. 

This episode did not tie up Jerome's arrest or conviction for the crime of murder. Viewers were left to assume that Jerome will be doing time for his admission of guilt. Questions in this fan's mind, will season 2 open with Jerome perhaps escaping from prison? After all, how much of an antagonist would Jerome the younger Joker be if he is locked behind bars. 

Dr. Fries will also be another villain that Jim Gordon will encounter early in Season 2. Those that look at DC Comics, and the Batman films, know that Dr. Fries is introduced initially as a man who is desperate to save his dying wife. Its is only after his wife death that Dr. Fries becomes focused on seeking revenge for his wife's death. With these two characters leading Season 2, plus the additional developing backstory of Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot, we can anticipate plenty of surprises in September.

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