Monday, July 13, 2015

New Character added to Gotham S2 cast

The latest spoiler updates from Gotham writers is the addition of a new character for the September season . According to ENews! Online, Season 2 viewers will be introduced to "Ms Scarlett St. George", a regular character that will be seen throughout the season. Gotham writers indicate that St. George will be "ethereal looking as well as opinionated, beguiling and free spirited". Also hinted was that she will likely focus on someone at GCPD. The ENews! interview also speculated that St. George's focus would be romantic.

Having looked closely at Maria Thayer who portrayed "Scottie Mullins", the phobia victim from "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" episode, I fully expected her to be announced as a regular cast member in season 2. Yet all has been quiet. I was convinced Fox had identified her as Harvey Bullock's love interest for the future. I based this upon Batman DC Comics character definition for Harvey Bullock. Harvey, later in the Jim Gordon/GCPD universe, has a love interest, a widow that captures Harvey's heart. According the to Batman Universe wikipedia, and the various character outlines, Harvey's love interest is supposed to bring out the softer, more lovable version of Bullock. Batman Vol. 1 #387 July 1986
Maria Thayer as "Scottie Mullins" from Season One

Either way, "Scottie Mullins" or "Scarlett St. George" it looks like Harvey or maybe someone else is headed for love.

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