Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gotham the hit television series on FX will be back again for a second season.

Rejoice fellow Gotham enthusiasts! Fox executives have signed to a second season of Gotham

Here is the latest on the cast lineup for Season 2:

Fox  has announced the addition of two additional regular cast members. Nicholas D'Agosto (Harvey Dent) will be a regular cast member in season 2. In the first season, Harvey Dent only appeared in two of the episodes.

The second cast member to be added as a regular in season 2 is Chris Chalk who portrays Lucius Fox. In DC Comics, Lucius Fox is the CEO of Wayne Enterprises who brought the company out of financial failure. In the Batman movies, Fox played by Morgan Freeman serves as a confidant of Batman. With Bruce Wayne presently only being a 12 year old adolescence no doubt it will be a few seasons before he approaches Fox for technical guidance in building the Bat Mobile. For those that worry that Bruce is still too young to begin to imagine his Batman persona. Put your worries aside, this kid will be working on his Batman costume by the end of season 2, I just know it.  At the end of episode 22, Bruce finds the entrance to the bat cave in his father's library. We could not have asked for a better ending for Bruce in season one.

Fish Mooney's final battle with Penguin ends in episode 22, where Fish gets thrown from the top of the  building's parapet into the Hudson River below. All of this brings  uncertainty if Fish could have survived such a fall. But remember this is Fish, she tore out her own eyeball. She was also shot while trying to fly a helicopter, and she still survived. This girl has staying power. Despite Fish's fans, one thing is for certain, Fish Mooney,will not be in season 2. Jada Pinkett Smith did not sign for a second year on Gotham. It has been reported that Gotham producer Bruno Heller has said that he hopes that Fish Mooney's character can return in the future.

By the season finale Penguin has declared himself the king of Gotham. Falcone's declaration that he is retiring leaves a power vacuum in his wake. Fans will be wondering who will be the next bad guy or bad girl to throw their hat into the ring.  Edward Nygma will further deteriorate mentally until he quits his position at GCPD and embraces the Riddler. The Joker has already appeared once in season one, we will be seeing more of him in the future. Let us not forget the further corrupted Selena Kyle, who as Bruce pointed out committed murder by pushing Reggie out the window. This fan expects to see more of the formation of Cat Woman in the next season.

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