Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gotham Spoilers Season 2 Bruce Wayne becoming Batman

David Masouz to focus in season 2 on developing his dual personality.

According to a entertainment report from, David Masouz, the 14 year old actor that plays "Bruce Wayne" in the Fox Network series Gotham, has revealed a major spoiler regarding his character in season 2. Just as in the comic books, and the early Batman television program from the 1960s, Bruce Wayne will begin to carefully shape and scuplt his public relations image. Bruce, at 14 carries the full weight of his family financial empire on his shoulders.

David said his character is going to go through a personality changes early in Season 2.  Bruce, will have the two personas, wearing two different masks. One will be the public relations image of a gregarious student and young businessman learning the ropes of the family business. The other side of Bruce as we all know is Batman. It is his true persona. Batman is the more secretive person who searches for the truth, while trusting very few. Fans understand, that Bruce's only true confidant, now and in the future is Alfred. The final episode of season 1 closed with Bruce finding the entrance to the batcave in his library. Lets hope we will get to see Bruce exploring the secret to the Bat Cave on September 21st, when Gotham Season 2 begins.

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