Friday, June 24, 2016

Gotham Tonight's the Night

The episode starts with Barbara (Erin Richards) having a dream about her wedding rehearsal with Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie). The priest turns out to be Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor), Galavan (James Frain) playing the piano, and the attendees become Arkham Asylum's escapees. Everyone, even Gordon, begins laughing at her. She then gets tied to a pew while she watches Gordon and Leslie (Morena Baccarin) in her wedding dress and everyone aiming their guns at her. She wakes up from the nightmare, where she receive a gift from Galavan. Galavan then tells Barbara that it's time to develop his plan for Bruce (David Mazouz) and gives her permission to kill Gordon.

 Gordon tries to prove to Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) that the escape from Arkham Asylum, the massacre at GCPD, and the gala shooting were organized by Galavan. Barnes is skeptical and demands any proof. Barbara then appears at the GCPD and turns herself in. During interrogation, Barbara breaks in tears and Gordon persuades her by kissing her while Leslie watches from the two-way mirror. Barbara leads Gordon and Bullock (Donal Logue) to a location but their car is hit by a truck and they take Gordon hostage.

 Meanwhile, Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) buries Kringle's body in the woods. Unfortunately, a hunter crosses with him and accidentally finds Kringle's corpse, forcing Nygma to kill him and bury him too. Galavan meets with Bruce in his penthouse and makes a deal with him: in exchange for Bruce leaving Wayne Enterprises to Galavan, Galavan will give him the information of the man who killed his parents. Gordon wakes up in Gotham Cathedral, tied to a chair and with a tuxedo, a priest and many hostages. Barbara appears, in her wedding dress and gun at a hand. While Barbara confronts Gordon, Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) brings Leslie, tied to a wheelchair.

During one of Gordon's tricks, Barbara reveals the location of Mayor James in a dock. Bullock, upon examining Barbara's words, realizes the location of Gordon and Leslie and tells Barnes. Barbara tries to torn them apart by telling Leslie about the assassination of Odgen Barker he committed for a favor from Cobblepot, but Leslie already knew as Gordon told her later. Gordon frees himself and gets Barbara's sawn shotgun.

Tabitha and her crew arrive, but Gordon kills her crew and injures her in the shoulder. The police arrives and Barbara escapes to the upper floor where Gordon follows her. They briefly fight when they crash into the altar's window with Barbara hanging from Gordon's hand. Barbara apologizes, lets go her hand and falls from the window, to Gordon's horror. Barbara survives the fall and is taken to the hospital. Gordon and the strike force go to the docks where they discover Mayor James and reveals Galavan's involvement. Bruce and Alfred (Sean Pertwee) reunite with Galavan in his penthouse to close the deal. At the last minute, Bruce declines the offer. Just then, Gordon and the strike force arrive and arrest Galavan for his involvement in Mayor James's abduction, not before Galavan throws into the fire the information about the Waynes' killer, to Bruce's disbelief.

Back in the woods, Nygma discovers Cobblepot in a camper, wounded, asking Nygma for help.

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