Friday, June 24, 2016

Mommy's Little Monster

Butch (Drew Powell) leads Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) to a warehouse in the port where his mother is being held. While trying to release her from her cell, Galavan (James Frain) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) arrive, revealing the only way to release her is from a key Galavan only possesses. Cobblepot orders Butch to kill them but instead, Butch kills Cobblepot's henchmen.

Tabitha managed to reverse the brainwash performed in Butch. Cobblepot pleads for his mother's life and Tabitha releases her. While Cobblepot and Kapelnut hug, Tabitha stabs her in the back. She dies in Cobblepot's arms and Galavan orders Butch to kill him and dispose of their bodies. Cobblepot calls Galavan and all his ancestors "cowards" for not killing him and Galavan decides to do it himself.

While aiming him, Cobblepot slits part of Galavan's throat and escapes through a window, vowing to kill Galavan. In his apartment, Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) begins to suffer nightmares after accidentally killing Kringle. He is even further tormented by the evil personification of himself. He realizes that the personification retrieved Kringle's body while he slept and needs to find it.

Meanwhile, Galavan is elected mayor of Gotham City with the support of Gordon (Benjamin McKenzie) in exchange for help in cleaning the GCPD. Galavan then testifies the attempted murder of Cobblepot to Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis) and Harvey Dent and they get an arrest and search warrant for Cobblepot and his allies. Galavan also imposes a curfew and a martial law so the strike force can check any door until they get to Cobblepot. Still distraught at Bridgit's "death", Selina (Camren Bicondova) visits Bruce (David Mazouz) and runs into Silver.

While Selina and Silver are alone, Silver threatens Selina if she ever visits Bruce again. During a talk, Selina accuses Silver of faking everything and makes some insults at her, which prompts Silver to leave. While pursuing Butch, Gordon reveals to Bullock (Donal Logue) that he may have found some links between Galavan and Mayor James's abduction. They find Butch and his crew but they are ambushed by Victor Zsasz and his gunmen. Butch's crew abandon him and Gordon threatens to deliver Butch to Zsasz if he doesn't reveal anything about Cobblepot. Butch reveals Galavan was the head of the Mayor's abduction and the assassination of the candidates and the kidnapping of Cobblepot's mother and escapes.

 Nygma begins to use his riddles so he can find the evidence of Kringle's corpse. He finds her hand in a vending machine and her corpse in the medical examiner's morgue. He is then nearly discovered by Leslie (Morena Baccarin). That night, Galavan organizes a victory celebration, aware Cobblepot will try to kill him. The watch sniper, Martinez, stands guard in the roof and notices multiple armed Cobblepot impostors, one of them killed by Tabitha. Martinez is then killed by Tabitha. The impostors arrive at the party and a shootout progresses.

While trying to retrieve Galavan from the party, Gordon is confronted at gunpoint by Cobblepot. Cobblepot tries to tell Gordon that Galavan killed his mother while Galavan tells him to kill Cobblepot. Tabitha shoots Cobblepot; while Gordon and Bullock shoot at her, Cobblepot escapes in Galavan's limo. In the aftermath of the massacre, Silver kisses Bruce while Selina watches from outside. Gordon decides to investigate Galavan after he confronts him for not shooting Cobblepot and everything he heard. Nygma returns to the morgue and he is confronted again by the evil personality. The evil personality convinces Nygma that he enjoyed the killing and leaving riddles. Both Nygma's personalities merge and he prepares to dispose Kringle's corpse.

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