Friday, June 24, 2016

Into the Woods

Bruce (David Mazouz) and Selina (Camren Bicondova) steal money from a thief. While fleeing on rooftops, Bruce purposefully spills out most of the money to the street below. He justifies this to Selina, saying he is mainly doing research on Gotham crime, which angers her. Hearing news from Gordon's escape, Barnes (Michael Chiklis) confronts Bullock (Donal Logue) about sheltering Gordon, but he denies any involvement.

At Arkham Asylum, Professor Hugo Strange (B. D. Wong) decides to release Barbara (Erin Richards) after she shows no signs of mental illness, feeling it is best to observe her new behavior rather than experimenting on her. Bullock reveals that IA secretly records all anonymous tips and uses his connection with a woman at IA so Gordon can retrieve the tape. The voice on the tape is distorted so he goes to Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) for help, but finds no evidence on the tape. Gordon initially deduces the culprit may be former Commissioner Loeb's corrupt cops, whom he calls "psycho", which draws ire from Nygma. After finally listening to the tape, Gordon realizes Nygma is the real culprit and holds him at gunpoint. However, Nygma previously developed a device that he placed under Gordon's seat, which he subsequently uses to shock and knock him out. Gordon wakes up and successfully escapes from Nygma.

Shaking off Nygma's pursuit, Gordon reaches Bruce and Selina's hideout and collapses. The two take Gordon to Wayne Manor to be tended by Alfred (Sean Pertwee) and Bruce. Thinking of a way to lure out Nygma, Gordon sends Selina to the GCPD to get false reports about him visiting Cobblepot. This panics Nygma, which makes him go to the woods and dig up Kristen Kringle's corpse where Gordon confronts him. Nygma retrieves his gun and confesses to the murders before they're surrounded by the GCPD including Barnes and Bullock. Nygma is arrested and taken to Arkham Asylum.

 Meanwhile, Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and the Dahl family attend his father Elijah's funeral. Not wanting to be left on the streets, Cobblepot works as a housekeeper at the mansion for the Dahls. They treat him poorly over a few days, until he discovers the poison they used to kill his father. While serving dinner to Grace (Melinda Clarke), Cobblepot reveals he discovered the bottle. To Grace's horror, Cobblepot unveils that her dinner are the remains of her children. He kills Grace shortly after. 

At the GCPD, Barnes apologizes to Gordon and gives him Lee's (Morena Baccarin) number, who's working for an education ministry in South. Gordon then decides to continue investigating the Waynes' murder to find out who contracted Matches Malone to do it. Bruce discovers his father's computer was fixed and decides to stay, causing Selina to leave angrily. Bruce and Alfred examine the computer, while Gordon calls Lee but decides not to speak. Someone knocks at his door and Gordon opens it, to reveal Barbara.

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