Friday, June 24, 2016

Gotham By Fire

As part of their plan to get his mother back, Butch tells Theo Galavan that Cobblepot cut his hand for thinking he worked for Galavan and offers to work for Galavan. Galavan initially declines, stating that his associates "have both hands". Tabitha agrees to let him join them but Barbara is skeptical, citing when Butch kidnapped her. Finally, Galavan lets Butch be part of his operation. Galavan also threatens a senator to kill him if he doesn't support him in the elections, which ends when the senator agrees to his terms and his life is spared. Meanwhile, the strike force, led by Gordon, catch a thug and accuse him of being the arsonist who killed Officer Garrett in the previous episode. Bridgit is having a rough time after having killed the police officer. She lives with Selina, but continues to feel guilty. Selina proposes to get money so she can leave Gotham City and both of them steal money from a human trafficking slave-ring.

 During their escape, they're noticed by a camera, and Gordon recognizes Selina. During their way to the bus station, Bridgit is kidnapped by the Pike brothers. Selina plans on rescuing her but is found by Gordon. Selina gives the information to Gordon, but Gordon states he will take care of the situation. Bridgit is brought back to the Pike home where they taunt her fear of fire by blowing up explosives. Tired of their abuse, Bridgit kills them with a flamethrower. While looking for Cobblepot's mother, Butch realizes Galavan knows of their truce and makes Tabitha leave him unconscious and holding him hostage.

Selina reunites with Bridgit but realizes she changed in her attitude and plans on taking down abusive people. Bridgit returns to the slave-ring where she burns the patrons and frees the women. With a tip from Selina, Gordon, Barnes and the GCPD arrive at the slave-ring. Gordon tries to calm Bridgit, but she continues her killing spree. However, she accidentally burns herself while trying to defend. In an attempt to lure Bruce, Galavan proposes to clean the corruption in Wayne Enterprises. Butch escapes from the Galavans and tells Cobblepot he knows his mother's whereabouts. Selina appears at Leslie and Gordon's apartment and is heartbroken when Gordon tells her Bridgit won't survive her injuries. 

Nygma reveals to Kringle during a visit that he accidentally killed her ex-boyfriend, Dougherty. When she tries to leave and tell anyone, he holds her and tries to shut her off but he unknowingly strangles her and she dies in his arms, leaving him shouting and crying in grief. In an underground facility of a division of Wayne Enterprises, Bridgit, still alive, is brought to Indian Hill labs where scientist experiment on human beings. It is stated that the body armor she uses melts onto her, rendering her fireproof.

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